Workbench & Tool Chest Video SeriesCraftsmanship

I’ll teach you the skills needed along the way to build this upper end workbench!

Workbench & Tool Chest Video SeriesExperience

I’ve been building and selling workbenches since 2004 and have benches located coast-to-coast in the US.

Workbench & Tool Chest Video SeriesPassing On a Trade

I’m retiring  and desire to pass on what I have learned along the way to other woodworkers.

bench seriestoolchest

Let me be your “personal coach” to teach and show you how to build this extremely well crafted, serious woodworking/cabinetmakers bench that any woodworker or woodturner would be proud to own and have in his/her shop.  This bench satisfies the needs of the most demanding cabinetmakers, furniture makers, music instrument makers, and wood turners – I know, as I have sold benches to all of them.  They all love their benches and given its simplicity, I can teach and show you how to build it with my Workbench & Tool Chest video series.  Additionally, you’ll be learning plenty of new woodworking techniques to apply to your future projects.  So please enjoy the free sample video episodes in the following links to determine if you have an interest in building a bench and/or tool chest of your own, or if you would simply enjoy viewing the entire series as a bystander.  I have purposely geared my videos so that hobbyist and novice woodworkers can accomplish building this bench and/or tool chest as well as the most experienced woodworkers.

Sincere Regards,

Dave Swiger, Master Craftsman of Swiger WoodWorks, LLC