About Dave Swiger

Dave SwigerHi, I’m Dave Swiger the owner and master craftsman of Swiger WoodWorks, LLC located in Jefferson, MD.  I’ve been building and selling woodworking benches since 2004.  I am very happy to say that my woodworking benches are located from coast-to-coast in the US, satisfying the needs of the most demanding cabinetmakers, furniture makers, music instrument makers, carvers and wood turners.  I know, as I have sold benches to all of them and they all love their benches.

As I am transitioning into retirement, I desire to pass on what I have learned along the way to other woodworkers.  Especially the hobbyist and novice woodworkers who have completed a couple of smaller projects and are now ready to take on a larger one with more challenges that will expand their woodworking skills and knowledge.  Additionally, there is no doubt many woodworkers believe building one’s own woodworking bench, is a right-of-passage into the woodworking world.  I know that with the video series I have produced on building a workbench and a companion tool chest, I can teach and show you how to build them.  In the process, you’ll be learning plenty of new woodworking techniques to apply to your future projects while creating a family heirloom that can be passed down through the generations.  Even experienced woodworkers will learn some new tips and techniques to advance their skill set.

Lastly, I need to acknowledge Lon Schleining.  Lon is the author of “The Workbench” published by The Taunton Press, Inc., fall 2004.  Lon, thanks for the phone chats and emails that encouraged and inspired me to build and sell workbenches.


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