Affiliate Partners

Welcome to my affiliates page! I’m very happy to have an association with the following companies.  

By clicking on the affiliate partners respective icons, you can order the hardware and possibility any needed tools and/or jigs you may need to build your bench or tool chest.

524644_497435720304232_1381867072_n Exotic Lumber Inc.

This is where I purchased the lumber for the bench being built in the video series! I have made “special” arrangements with the owner, Neil Gager, to sell you a lumber package for the construction of your bench.  Primary wood selections include Ash, Red Oak, Hard Maple (my recommendation) and White Oak.  Available exotic dressing woods for your bench include Sapele, Jatoba (aka Brazilian Cherry), Purpleheart (my favorite) and Bubinga.  Click here to complete the quote request form – freight shipping available in the US.  Please be sure to watch Episode 2, Purchasing Lumber, before placing your order.






To order the drawer slides and door hinges I use in the tool chest video, click here.  Please be sure to watch Episode 1, Tool Chest Intro, to determine which configuration of the chest you want to build – a 3 or 6 drawer version.  To order the drawer slides, search on item 47648.  I use the 18” length ones in the video, if you have or are planning to build a wider bench, select your slide length accordingly.  If your chest will have a storage compartment, order 2 pairs of door hinges – item 48572.  Other items you might need to consider for their installation are 31077 or 31126, 31350 and 68991.




Lee Valley & Veritas

I am an authorized Veritas distributor for the vises, bench dogs and etc. I use in the bench video episodes.  You can place your order here.  I have assembled a package deal for all the Veritas items I use in the bench video series to simplify your order processing.