Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What shop equipment do I need?

You do not need an industrial shop to build this bench or the tool chest! Given its design simplicity, it can be built in an average size homeowners shop that includes the following: chop saw, tablesaw, bandsaw, drill press, portable planer, router, and various hand tools that all shops should have on hand – including a selection of bar and pipe clamps. Although not necessary, a jointer would be helpful to facilitate the construction of the bench. Additionally, a router table may be helpful for the milling of the raised panels on the tool chest, but these could be cut on a tablesaw.


  1. How does the video subscription service work?

Video subscriptions have an expiration date, either six months or one year from your signup date. You do not own a copy of the video series via a subscription signup; however, subscription signups are much cheaper than purchasing a DVD or DVD set of a series.


  1. Will my subscription be automatically renewed when it expires?

No! When your subscription expires, you will be offered the opportunity to sign up for a new six month or one year subscription period, or you may elect to purchase a DVD or DVD set of a series.


  1. If I sign up for a subscription service and discover my internet service isn’t adequate for the subscription service, can I cancel my order?

One of the purposes of the free episodes is for you to discover if your internet service is adequate for subscription services. If you discover your internet service isn’t adequate after you have subscribed within 60 days, contact us and we’ll credit your subscription service payment toward the purchase of a DVD or DVD set. We will not refund a payment for subscription services.


  1. What if I get a bad DVD?

Manufacturing defects do occur from time-to-time and we apologize for the inconvenience it has caused you! In this case contact us and let us know what episode number and series the problem occurs in. If the DVD is from a multi-disc set, please provide the Disc Number. We will send you a replacement ASAP! We may request you to send us the bad DVD, but the postage will be on us if we do. We do not refund payments for a DVD(s), but will make it right by replacing a bad DVD within a two-year period from date of purchase.


  1. What if I damage a DVD or I’m outside of the two-year period?

Life happens and we understand that! Just contact us and we’ll make arrangements to get you a replacement for a small charge.