Customer Pete Wehner has completed this bench build. I love the curly maple front apron and drawer fronts. They really dress up his bench – a bench to be proud of Pete! Here is a testimonial he sent along about my video series.

Hi Dave,

I’ve completed my workbench and I know it would not have turned out as well as it did without your instructional video series. You made it so much easier by walking me through every step of the process. I strongly recommend your video’s to anyone who attempts to build this workbench and have it turn out as if a professional made it.

Thanks again,
Pete from Minnesota


Robert Riffle 00221

Customer Bob Riffle has completed his bench build and wow what a fantastic job – nicely done Bob! Here is a bit of a testimonial he sent along with the photo.

“Dave …I finally finished my bench and it came out awesome.  It’s everything I’ve wanted and more.  I’m not a bad woodworker but I truly mean it when I say I could not have done this nearly as well without your DVD.  I made each jig exactly as you said and everything came out perfect.  Just look at those box joints!...The dimensions of this bench are 7′ long not counting end vise, 29″ wide not counting shoulder vise and 35″ tall.  The top core is 3″ thick.  The Veritas Twin screw is on 18″ centers and your method of installing it is spot on.  I mean both vises work perfectly and smooth as butter!…I really can not thank you enough for everything.  You are a true gentleman and wonderful master wood worker.  I only wish we were neighbors so we could create some saw dust together and shoot the breeze about wood working in person. Thank you again and please keep in touch.”

Bob Riffle
Columbia, TN

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“Dave…Great news.  I completed my base a couple weeks ago.  It came out perfect!  I’m not just saying this, but without your DVD there is no way I could have done this job correctly or as well.  Your DVD is worth it’s weight in gold… Anyway, I wanted to send you a picture and give you an update.  One thing you will probably notice is that I put the through pegs in at the opposite angle.  Not a mistake, for some reason my eyes just wanted them that way.  I also didn’t put the false pegs on the inside.  I’ll send you one more picture which is a close up for one of my through tenons.  I never made a tenon before so I’m so happy that each and every one came out absolutely perfect.  Now onto the top!!”

Bob Riffle
Columbia, TN

“Dave…I started watching your videos and they are great!”

Kevin McGee
Weddington, NC 

“Dave…I really enjoyed all the bench and tool chest episodes… there may have been a few mistakes on the measurements and a couple of correction slides inserted, not surprising given the amount of different figures you must have had stored in your memory, but it only goes to show the rest of us the pro’s aren’t perfect and makes all the better viewing in my opinion. Back near the beginning you demonstrated what could happen on the table saw with binding. By showing what could and did happen and how to overcome the situation, but more importantly explaining why it happened and how to continue safely…your no nonsense approach and safety advice are what I the viewer believe comes from someone that is absolutely true and honest to the core, has a very genuine and generous heart… You show many, many things and technics other shows, books, and YouTube broadcasts do not.”

Shaun Gaved
United Kingdom